About the CUHK

The Chinese University of Hong Kong sits on a hill in the northeast part of the New Territories, occupying an area of over 130 hectares and commanding a scenic view of Tolo Harbor. Since its inception, it has adopted bilingualism and biculturalism as the basis of its teaching, emphasizing both Chinese and English languages and Eastern and Western cultures. [Campus Map] More information about the campus could be found here.

Public transportation

Hong Kong has a well-developed public transport network comprising the Mass Transit Railway (MTR), extensive bus routes, minibuses, trams and ferries. The University is right at a major station (the University Station) of MTR. Details can be checked at GovHK.

Campus transportation

CUHK offers free “Shuttle Bus” service for CUHK students and staff to commute within campus. Most of the bus routes operate during daytime from Mondays to Saturdays. Students and staff can also take “Meet-Class Shuttle Bus” to various academic buildings during teaching days.

Physics Department

The physics department is located in Science Centre which is at the central part of the campus. Walking between Science Centre and the University Station (MTR station) takes about 15-20 minutes.

Dining on Campus

There are over 10 dining places on campus. The two nearest ones are the canteen in the Choh-Ming Li Basic Medical Sciences Building and the restaurant complex in Benjamin Franklin Centre.

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is situated at the southeastern tip of the mainland of China. Chinese and English are the official languages. Hong Kong has a subtropical climate: humid in spring and summer, with temperatures rarely dipping below 10℃ (50 Fahrenheit) in winter.